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Running Man, Paradeplatz

Mark Henley

From Bank on Us

Zurich, SWITZERLAND, 2011

A man running through heavy rain across Paradeplatz, the symbolic centre of the Swiss banking industry in central Zurich. A 7,000 billion dollar secret, the Swiss banking industry holds a third of all global offshore assets, ring-fenced by ingrained conservatism and strict banking secrecy laws. Accounting for half of the Swiss banking industry, two banks – UBS, and Credit Suisse – dominate the austere heart of this secretive world. Headquartered side by side on Paradeplatz in Zurich, they’re said to own vast vaults beneath the square, containing gold, cash and enough secrets from around the world to feed myriad spy novels and thrillers.

‘This picture came from a series of images on Swiss banking. It was taken during a sudden summer downpour on one of the many times I spent haunting Paradeplatz. I almost left it out of the series because it’s one of those images that escapes one’s control. I was making a dark series on the crisis, whereas this photograph is strangely positive. It has an energy, a certain defiance - you have the idea that he's going to make it through the rain to wherever he wants to go. This guy made his run and I took three shots. It’s the middle shot that worked. It was one of those

things, it's a 200th of a second, but also two years of work to get the picture.’


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Mark Henley

After many years working around the world, observing the consequences of economic and social change globalisation has brought, Mark Henley has taken as his subject the organisations that have helped drive these changes, elaborating a visual language to talk about decision makers, diplomats and bankers who are more used to operating unobserved, behind closed doors.

His project ‘Bank on us’ about the secretive Swiss banking industry won several awards including the Swiss Press Photographer of the Year 2012. He won this award a second time in 2014 for ‘Waiting on a deal’, his observation of the diplomatic negotiations leading to the Iranian nuclear deal in Geneva.

Mark is based at the UN in Geneva and divides his time between the real world and the United Nations.

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