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Lourdes and the Rinconada

Johis Alarcon

From I am, still

Magdalena, Ibarra, Ecuador 2020

Lourdes Molina, a 27 year old Karanki indigenous woman, relaxes on a rock above the Rinconada river, her favourite place where she goes in the afternoons to breathe and sing.

This portrait forms part of a project by Johis Alarcon ‘I am, still’ that explores the daily life of the younger generation of indigenous people in Ecuador. This generation are charting a course away from recent trends towards urbanisation. Johis met young indigenous people who have decided to stay on the land, with their families, developing a way of life that blends modernity with ancestral knowledge, exploring 'mistizaje', a mixed culture.

When I started this project, my childhood memories came back to me; the mountains, the family meals, and those cold mornings with the sound of the river. My memories are becoming more and more blurred but in this community, among these young people, these experiences are not forgotten or left to become a thing of the past. The young people spend their days between trips to the mountains, YouTube videos, on WhatsApp and working with animals.

In Ecuador, around 7% of the population is indigenous. During the last century, racism and discrimination played a leading role in a model of life where inequality forced many to migrate to the city, abandoning their territory and culture. Globalization impacted the devaluation of indigenous identity but at the same time fueled an unpredictable cultural resistance in youth. This generation is deciding not to leave, but to stay in their communities, and lead the defense of their land and culture, creating another way of living and being.

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Johis Alarcon

Johis Alarcón’s work is concerned with social justice, identity, and gender related issues. She is a National Geographic Explorer and member of Ayün Fotógrafas, Women Photograph and Diversify Photo.

In 2022 Johis published her first book ‘Cimarrona: Soy Negra porque el sol me miró’ (KWY) which explores the African spiritual tradition alive in Ecuador, by portraying the women who safeguard their ancestral practices. The Cimarrona refers to the wild female spirit, expressed in all forms of resistance against slavery and discrimination. Johis’ work has been exhibited in Photoville NYC, Latin American Photography Festival Bronx Documentary Center (2019-2020), and Montevideo Photography Center (2021).

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